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HealthiPie LLC: Leading the Way in Medical Billing Excellence. Outsource your billing needs to our expert team for optimal reimbursement and resolution of claim denials.

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HealthiPie LLC stands at the forefront of innovation in healthcare billing, pioneering advanced electronic services that redefine the industry landscape. Experience the efficiency of our solutions with swift reimbursements, precise claim processing, and elevated standards of patient care, all while maintaining strict adherence to HIPAA regulations. Choose HealthiPie as your trusted partner for comprehensive billing solutions, encompassing a wide range of services tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges.


Unlock your healthcare practice's potential with HealthiPie's suite of services: streamlined billing, specialized SEO,
expert audits, and credentialing. Trust us for excellence.
Medical Billing ​

Comprehensive billing: check in/out, claims,
payments, by expert billers.

Credentialing ​

Join desired payor networks with specialist
enrollment services.

Healthcare RCM ​

Specialty-specific management meets
physician's bespoke demands.

Medical Audit

Let our experts thoroughly examine your practice
for potential revenue losses

Healthcare SEO

Boost your practice's visibility on Google for
increased patient influx.

Medical Coding ​​

Translate services into codes, generate
super-bill for submission.


Efficient billing solutions tailored for urology, cardiology, anesthesia, laboratory, behavioral health, orthopedics,
ABA therapy, and general practice specialties.

Certified urology coders optimize revenue and resolve billing denials efficiently.


Efficient cardiology billing boosts revenue and reduces denials for fast reimbursements.


Anesthesiology billing boosts profits, reduces denials for optimized revenue.

Laboratory Billing

Efficient laboratory billing ensures streamlined revenue management for seamless operations.

Internal Medicine

Medical billing service for doctors of internal medicine who want an improved billing cycle.


Orthopedic billing ensures streamlined revenue management for optimal practice operations.


Dedicated radiology billing services for all types of lab tests with error-free coding.

General Practice

Comprehensive billing for general practices ensures streamlined revenue management efficiency.

Lets experience our medical billing services for as low as 4.49%

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Dr. Hannah Smith
Dr. Hannah Smith@Hannah.Smith
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I would like to send out a heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work in helping my Health Counselling clinic take care of our billing and credentialing needs. You have made my job as a practice owner much easier.
Dr. Adam Smith
Dr. Adam Smith@adamsmith.14
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We are more than satisfied with HealthiPie LLC and would highly recommend them to anyone searching for an efficient billing company. Working with HealthiPie LLC has felt effortless and we are vastly thankful for their services.
Dr. Harry John
Dr. Harry John@harryjohn78
Read More
HealthiPie LLC has been a phenomenal asset to our company. Assisting with billing, credentialing and enrollment, HealthiPie LLC has been consistently reliable from the first day of our relationship.
Dr. Mike Copper
Dr. Mike Copper@mikecopper.54
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HealthiPie LLC has been a phenomenal asset to our company. Assisting with billing, credentialing and enrollment, HealthiPie LLC has been consistently reliable from the first day of our relationship.
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Dr. Janet Dove
Dr. Janet Dove@janetdove870
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My Behavioral Health practice started receiving medical billing services in July 2022, and we have experienced a great deal of improvement in the collections of claims, which has improved our bottom line.
Dr. Ben Thomson
Dr. Ben Thomson@Ben.Thomson27
Read More
Our medical facility has been working with Healthipie LLC for about 2 years now and we are very pleased with their services. Healthipie LLC Medical Billing is a great company for billing needs. The customer support is great.
Dr. James Anderson
Dr. James Anderson@jamesanderson.dr
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We've partnered with HealthiPie LLC for approximately 2 years, and we're extremely satisfied with their services. HealthiPie LLC excels in medical billing, offering exceptional customer support.
Dr. Robinson Allen
Dr. Robinson Allen@robinson.allen.3
Read More
HealthiPie exceeded my expectations with their prompt service and attention to detail. Their team was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend their services!

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